How to spot Comet NEOWISE

Finder Chart for Comet NEOWISE

If you are looking to find comet NEOWISE but don’t know where to look this finder chart should help. You need to be looking North West as soon as the sky is dark enough, At this time of year that is really from about 11:15pm onwards. Locate the “Plough” or “Big Dipper” (highlighted in red on the map). You can use the stars of the plough to point you in the direction of Comet NEOWISE for the date given on the map. As you can see as each night passes NEOWISE is moving westward and slowly sinking into the twilight. From light polluted cities you will probably need binoculars to spot it. The comet itself is fading too so you need to grab the next clear night if you not to miss this opportunity to see a naked eye comet in the sky!